About Advanced Regenerative Health

Our staff at Advanced Regenerative Health are here to help you reach your fullest health potential, so you can live a long, healthy and prosperous life.

Our goal is to unlock your body’s own natural healing mechanism so you can heal from the inside-out.

Our process is to address the cause of your health problem, and not the treat the symptom but to correct the underlying conditions causing your condition. We seek to stimulate healing with non-surgical, non-drug treatments, and apply an integrated model of both medical and natural based therapies.

No prescription drugs.  No surgery.

Meet Our Team

Laura A. Croom, MSN, ANP-BC
Laura A. Croom, MSN, ANP-BCNurse Practitioner
Laura is an Adult/Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner with excellent clinical skills, commitment to evidence based guidelines utilizing a holistic approach. Laura ensures a high quality of care to her patients and their families and provides open lines of communication between all members of the healthcare team.
Dr. Chris Pellow, DC
Dr. Chris Pellow, DCPhysician
Dr. Pellow D.C. has been changing lives in the Denver area since 2001. His clinic has become one of the largest in the world, helping thousands of people reach their health goals. His clientele ranges from newborns to senior citizens and everything in between. Dr. Pellow has maintained a strong dedication to operating under the fundamental values of dependability, reliability, honesty and integrity. He has co-authored a best-selling book titled, “Cruise Ship or Nursing Home” and continues to provide assistance to people all over the world.
Tamara R. Johnson, M.D.
Tamara R. Johnson, M.D.Medical Director
Dr. Tamara Johnson, MD is a family medicine specialist and has been practicing for 34 years. She graduated from University Of Nebraska / College Of Medicine in 1984. She is licensed in Nebraska and Colorado and is the Medical Director for many respected practices. Dr. Johnson is also a member of the AMA, NMA, AMDA and NMDA.

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