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What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can have causes that aren’t due to an underlying disease, but it is commonly caused by overuse, sprains, or strain.  One of the most common shoulder injuries is the rotator cuff.  A rotator cuff injury is when damage or irritation effects one or more tendons or muscles in the shoulder.  Due to the complex nature of the shoulder, they’re unlikely to heal completely on their own.  Generally, degeneration and tears are likely to advance over time as the shoulder is used throughout their lifetime.

How is shoulder pain typically treated?

Shoulder Pain can have multiple treatments, depending on the severity of the injury.  Traditionally, on a minor shoulder injury, activity changes, physical therapy, or a medication to reduce pain and inflammation may be needed.  For major injuries, Surgery is generally required, but with surgery comes complications.  In fact, there is a 57% chance with shoulder surgery that you will re-tear or re-injure your shoulder.

How can we help?

New, safer treatments are now available to assist in shoulder injuries without the need for expensive surgeries.  One therapy that is rapidly growing in popularity is PRP therapy.  Instead of going under anesthesia, PRP therapy allows for the repair of the shoulder with local pain-free injections to promote healing.  PRP presents patients with a long-lasting, permanent solution, all while using the body’s natural healing process. Allograft therapy in injection form is also available at Advanced Regenerative Medicine.  When combined with PRP, Allografts offer a “boost” to PRP effectiveness.  Depending on how severe the injury is, Allografts may be used to provide powerful, long lasting relief.  This makes the patient heal faster and works together with PRP.

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What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to undergoing PRP therapy for shoulder pain, but the most significant being the ability to eliminate treatments like major surgeries.  Shoulders are known for improper healing due the complexity of the shoulder and poor blood flow to the area.  Another benefit is PRP Therapy uses platelets from the patient’s blood, meaning there are no foreign objects or substances added to the shoulder during the procedure.  PRP therapy offers the peace of mind of having a low risk of infection, rejection, or other complications.

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